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The Salem WitchCold Case: FBI – The Salem Witch, is set for release in late March/early April 2017. This books was pitched around for over a year with no takers. Perhaps I can make a few bucks off it on my own, though. Below is the first blurb (no spoiler).

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FBI Assistant Director Marvin Ledds, while visiting a friend in Holyoke, Massachusetts, stops for breakfast at a local diner. Perusing the local newspaper there, he reads about a ten-year-old unsolved missing persons’ case involving a mother and daughter from the nearby town Hadley. His interest piqued, he decides this might be a good case to assign to his newest protege, Special Agent Joanna Weirdlee, who only just joined the Bureau the year prior, and who Ledds has high hopes for, due to her unique and very mysterious special qualities.

Joining Weirdlee on her first field assignment, Ledds assigns veteran criminal investigator Samuel Nicks, who will act as the lead investigator on the case. Nicks is joined by his new partner, Special Agent Danny Fielding.

The two men are initially puzzled as to why Ledds chose Weirdlee to work with them, but she soon proves herself useful by performing a lot of the background research and interviews needed in the investigation. In particular, Weirdlee befriends and gains the confidence of a local bar fly, Freddy Duncan. Freddy is a middle-aged man who many years before was involved in an accident resulting in a head injury that left him partially disabled. Freddy spends his days and evenings strolling from bar to bar in downtown Northampton. A couple times a month, too, he visits his daughter up in Greenfield, MA — never for very long, though, as he’s in a hurry to get back to his friends at the bars.

Agent Danny Fielding, meanwhile, grows suspicious of Weirdlee and her “mysterious qualities,” and decides to ask a friend in the Bureau’s cyber division to check up on her history (which is classified).

As the investigation unfolds, Weirdlee also encounters the villain of the story, the murderer John Henneger. Henneger suspects right away that there is something strange about Weirdlee, and he soon concludes what Agent Fielding himself surmises later on: that Weirdlee (whose real last name is Osborne), is in fact a witch.

But will Weirdlee’s powers of perception and deception be enough to help solve a case gone cold for ten hopeless years? Can Special Agent Nicks find the key that will finally unlock the secret of a terrible crime gone unpunished for far too long?

COLD CASE: FBI – The Salem Witch

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