The Ways of Magick (The Good Witch)

Cold Case: FBI - Curse BayousThe below lyrics appears at the end of the second book in my upcoming paranormal crime series Cold Case: FBI. Still tinkering with the wording a bit, but this is pretty much how it will be.



                                     ~ ~

You’ve come to learn, to learn our ways…the ways of magick
You long to cast our eerie spells
You see the Earth is filled…it’s filled with magick
A place where supernatural dwells

You dream to learn, to learn our ways…the ways of magick
The lore of transformational spells
You long to see beyond…Earth’s known horizons
Behold the secrets only wisdom tells

But if, alas, you ever learned such a thing
What of all would be the Craft that you’d bring?
Would love be conjured forth by Holy design?
Or would you be, instead, the curse of our time?

We cannot see your soul…we cannot foretell
The spirit world awaits, you know it so well
The Gift they offered you, you cast it aside
You chose a different way, your own place in time

We see you’ve learned, you’ve learned their ways…the ways of magick
Thank God you came along when you did
A life alone, and too, a history so tragic
And even so, you brought our fears to an end

                                    * * *

She roams the world, she works her ways…the ways of magick
Her incantations, whispered chants we recall
Our hearts without despair, where once there was sadness
The Good Witch walks the Earth, she blesses us all

                                     ~ ~

Cold Case: FBI

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