The Salem Witch

Story Excerpt: The Salem Witch

Excerpt from Cold Case: FBI — The Salem Witch

[Nicks] took out his smartphone and checked the time. It was 3:15 PM. Special Agent Weirdlee, he knew, was also on the job and doing her own thing that day. Weirdlee was an unusual addition to his team, and he wondered what Assistant Director Ledds was really up to in assigning her on-site with him and Fielding. Most of her background work could have been done in Washington, D.C., he figured, and the few interviews she’d conducted with the locals thus far could have just as easily been done by either himself or Fielding.

There was a presence about her, though, that intrigued Nicks. He was quite certain she was not at all what she appeared to be. There was no record, he’d learned, of her having participated in any other investigations prior to this one. Was that really true? Or was her name simply…left off of those cases?

She’d been Ledds’s secret project, it seemed, since joining the Bureau. The old man had kept her hidden away for some time–away from any who might ask questions of her or dig into her past. And now, for whatever reason, he was finally letting her out into the light.

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